There are a large number of bets that you can place. Today, people are no longer just betting on who will win and who will lose. The number of goals, games, yellow cards, penalties, disqualifications, corner kicks is predicted – just about anything you can think of. In this article, we will look at popular and advantageous types of bets, as well as how they can be combined on a ticket.

Double chance – you win if the half or the final result ends as you bet

Bet without a draw, you only bet either 1 or 2, if the match ends in a draw, you do not lose, but the odds change to 1.0

Asian Handicap – a bet in which a team is credited, for example + 1.5 goals (or a game); in this case, if you bet on the team and he loses by one goal, your bet still works

Number of goals – popular especially in football, where not so many goals are scored

Exact result – you can bet on the whole match and the half; for daredevils who have an overview

To score – a bet on whether a particular player will score in the match. This situs judiqq bet is ideal when the player is in shape

Your individual tips still need to be arranged on a ticket. If you put them all on one ticket, then of course the odds will multiply beautifully, but with it the chance that the ticket will not work for one tip and you will lose all your invested money will also multiply. There are several types of bets some are repeated at most bookmakers (they are marked differently at most), and some are specific only to a particular office.

Solo / Single – you have only one bet on one ticket

Cumulative bets – you have several bets on one ticket, the final odds are a multiple of the odds of individual bets and the ticket is winning only if all bets are guessed

Combination / Schedule – A bet that at least some of your bets will work out – for example 3 out of 4. Of course, in this case, the odds and possible winnings will decrease compared to the cumulative bet. When betting online, it is beautiful to see how much you can win with various combinations and deposits.

If you want to bet on 3 of 4, there are four different combinations as it may work out, with each combination having its own odds (which is a multiple of the odds of the 3 matches of the combination). The eventual win therefore varies according to the combinations and their odds.


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