An assortment of Indonesia and Asean most loved game in 1 application, there’s 7 cool games to play: Domino Qiu (otherwise called Domino 99, Domino QQ, kiu), Domino Gaple, Bandar Qiu, Chinese Poker, Samgong (Sakong), Slot, SicBo. 

Just need 1 application to play Indonesia 7 most well known games! Any time, anyplace, only online to beat all card ace all throughout the planet! 

Games presentation: 

domino99 Qiu: Qiu ( 99 , kiukiu ) is the most well-known Domino game play in Indonesia. It is otherwise called “99 domino poker”, utilizing 1 arrangement of Domino cards (28 cards), mastermind 4 cards into 2 sets with the most noteworthy focuses or mix. 

Domino Gaple: Gaple is additionally perhaps the most mainstream domino game play in Indonesia, utilizing 28 Domino cards. Each time each player can just place 1 card, card picked should have similar number of pips as one on the table, interfacing one of another into 1 line. 

Bandar Qiu: Multiplayer Domino game play, 1 broker conflicts with numerous player. There’s 4 region to pick, assuming when open, that region has higher focuses than financier, player wins; in any case, player lose. 

Chinese Poker: Popular poker games inside Asian. Played by 2-4 player, every player get 13 cards and orchestrate it into 3 arrangements of cards: 3-5-5. Those 3 sets will be look at independently and afterward check the all out focuses. 

Samgong (Sakong): 1-5 players facing 1 financier, contrasting cards close by. Cards should be higher than 21 focuses and close to 30 focuses, in the event that you get more, you lose. In the event that you get 30 focuses, it’s called samgong, and you’ll have higher winning possibilities. 

Opening: The most straightforward gambling club games all throughout the planet. Simply turn the machine, get things in 1 line to win the prizes! 

Sic Bo: Dice game, where player put down wagers in certain space, when the dices shows comparing sum, then, at that point you’ll win! 

Mythical serpent Tiger: It’s a multiplayer relaxed game. Player can pick bet to help Dragon or Tiger and get heaps of coins when winning 

Big2: Big2 is the most famous poker game. Played by 4 people and get 13 cards each. Player that finish their cards first, wins.


Sherly Himawa’s Online QiuQiu page has a depiction of the game in Indonesian and connections to a webpage where you can play QiuQiu on the web. 

The Wikipedia page on KiuKiu depicts another form of the game in English. 

Through PKV Games you can acquire applications to play QiuQiu (under the name ‘Domino 99’) and other Indonesian games on the web. 

QiuQiu can be played online at VIP QiuQiu99


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