Betting is a big business and if you are thinking of how to do online betting in Kenya, there are various options available. The most popular way to bet is through the websites of companies like Ladbrokes, Coral Sports, and William Hill. These three have almost a monopoly in the online gambling industry and provide excellent service to the customers. The other way of betting is through telemarketing calls made by companies like ICICI bank and Naspers. This is a very convenient method but many people find it difficult to place their bets as the call delivery takes a long time and some people find this not only inconvenient but also a fraud because many leading casinos do not follow this method.

The best possible way of online betting is through an independent agent. If one wants to do online betting in Kenya, they should first look for an agent who will guide them on which sites are best suited for them and how to play. Once one is clear about the sites, one should then make a deposit to transfer the bet to the bookmaker. However, keep in mind that the commission charged by the online betting companies is variable and one can end up spending more or less than what they initially spent in betting.

If you are looking for a safe place for your money, why not go through an insurance company? Many insurance companies offer to bet on online and they do not take a cut from the money you win, so the money you lose may even be covered by insurance. This way, you get to know how to do online betting in Kenya, you just have to learn how to place the bet. You could also consider taking up an education course to learn how the different bet types work.

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