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What are the different versions of baccarat?


Baccarat is a hugely popular card game that is now available all over the world. The rules are very simple, but you may notice that there are different versions. What are the main differences between them?

Punto banco

This is the version of the game that you will find most frequently online and in North American casinos. Both the player and the banker are given a couple of cards to start with. Whether a third card is dealt or not depends upon the total from the first two, with no decision for the player to make in this respect.

The simplicity of this version makes it ideal for online playing. It is so common in internet casinos that most of the time, it won’t even say punto banco in the title. So, if you see a game online that is just called baccarat or similar, you can probably assume it is punto banco.


Chemin de fer and baccarat banque

You may have seen James Bond play the chemin de fer version of baccarat at some point. It is a faster version of the game, with the player having some choices to make – for example, they can decide whether to accept a third card.

Baccarat banque is the oldest version and is similar to chemin de fer but with some differences. One of the main ways that it varies is that the dealer gives two hands to the players, rather than a single hand for all of them.

You won’t see these versions very much online, if at all. However, if you visit European casinos, you may be able to play either of them.

Live dealer baccarat

The recent boom in live dealer games has led to baccarat versions appearing in this format. They are typically based on the punto banco rules and involve a real human dealer in a genuine casino setting. This adds a touch of extra realism to the action.

The best NJ online casinos now offer live dealer baccarat games. At the Resorts Casino site, we can play a live dealer version of the game, together with versions such as Baccarat Professional Series and Baccarat on computer-generated tables.


Baccarat with side bets

Side bets are sometimes used to add more to the overall experience of this game. This means that you can bet on something else in addition to the main bet. For instance, you could bet on the color or total value of the cards that are dealt.

These side bets typically offer bigger potential wins than in the main game, but it is also less likely that they come up, making it more of an adventurous choice than a straight bet on the banker, player, or a tie.


Choose your way of playing

Bearing all this in mind, the biggest decisions to make when playing baccarat online are around whether you want to see a live dealer on the screen or if you prefer to add the extra tension of a side bet.



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