You must have heard people talking about past winning numbers a lot when they play lotteries. Why do they do that? Do you ever wonder what benefit they get from looking into those numbers? Those numbers belong to the draws in the past, so how can they obtain any useful information from them? Well, the reality is that if you look at those numbers in the right way, you can obtain some useful information. You can’t still have any guaranties of winning the lottery, but you can definitely add to your chances of winning by reading those numbers. 

The best thing is that you can visit KayaMoola to get all the numbers of the past draws. The website can provide you with details on the past numbers so you can use that data to your advantage while participating in the lottery. However, here is some information for you to help you know what you should be looking at when you go through those numbers. 

The Most Frequently Appearing Numbers

The first thing that you have to look at is the numbers that appear the most. It is important to note here that you should not limit your search to single numbers. You can look at pairs and triplets as well. So, you can see which number has appeared the most in the past draws. Also, it is important for you to define a period of time during which you want to make your notations. So, if you are looking at results from the past 2 years, you should focus on them only. The patterns might be different if you compare the results of draws from two years with draws from past 5 years. 

In addition to the single number, you can look at the numbers that appear the most together. You can then look for triplets that have appeared the most number of times.

The Most Rarely Appearing Numbers

If one side of the spectrum is true, the other side has to be true too. So, if you are looking at a list of numbers that have appeared the most in the past few years, you will automatically have a list of numbers that have appeared the least number of times. You want to note those numbers down as well. This gives you an idea of the numbers that you should not or only rarely include in your picks. From the data, you can assume that these numbers will appear the least number of times. So, if you are playing UK 49’s online, you have to look for the numbers that have appeared the least number of times. 

Do make sure that you are looking at the data of the lottery that you wish to play. Each lottery requires you to play different numbers so their patterns are completely different from one another. 

The Last Time the Number Appeared

The last important thing that you have to look at when you are sifting through the past winning numbers is when the number was drawn the last time. By doing this, you can find out the numbers that are appearing in the latest draws. This is you playing based on the freshest results. Keep in mind that just because a number has appeared the most number of times does not mean it is appearing frequently in the latest draws. 

So, looking at these numbers from this perspective can completely change things for you. You might see that a number is rarely drawn but in the recent draws, it might be the most common number. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking at the correct numbers and putting in your efforts to notice the right patterns, you should definitely have a set of numbers that consists of the digits that have the highest chance of appearing in the draws. In the end, do keep in mind that you are playing lottery, which is a game of luck and no amount of research or calculation can guarantee any results in lotteries. 


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